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Slab On Grade Private Utility Locate
- Springville, Utah

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Albuquerque recently mobilized to Utah to locate utilities and dangers in and under this slab on grade. The technician who interpreted the concrete scanners data mapped the findings on the surface of the slab in real time and with precise depths. The investigation was performed during active business hours because the equipment GPRS of New Mexico used doesn’t emit harmful radiation. The information provided allowed the project to continue without severing utilities that could shut the facility down.

Slab On Grade Private Utility Locate - Springville, Utah

The highly advanced concrete penetrating scanner is able to provide our customers with precise depths on dangers under the concrete. This allows for the saw cutter to effectively avoid severing utilities that can shut manufacturing facilities down. Unscheduled shut downs can cause companies millions of dollars in revenue while they wait to have power activated. Concrete imaging can ensure unnecessary shut downs are avoided and projects continue without delay. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Inc. has offices all over the United States. In the mountain region we have offices in: Denver, Phoenix and Boise. You can contact your local representative in New Mexico at 505-250-6742 or for a quote or demonstration. GPRS of Albuquerque can perform services such as this one in Las Cruces, Roswell and Santa Fe.

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