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Residential Void Detection – Algodones, New Mexico

Have you ever noticed cracks in your concrete? This may be caused from voids developing below the slab. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of New Mexico recently visited a job site in the residential area of Algodones. GPRS of Albuquerque was hired to locate any voids below the surface of the concrete, because the owner of the home noticed that his tile, which was glued to the concrete, was cracking. The technician on site was able to quickly gather information and discover that there were indeed several voids around the property. The technician also located areas where the wire mesh had not been bent into the footer. GPRS of New Mexico also provided a detailed report of the findings to the home owner for their records.

Residential Void Detection – Algodones, New Mexico

Concrete scanning is a great way to discover what exactly is happening below the surface. The information provided by the non-destructive test allows the contractor to evaluate and decide the best way to address the issue. Concrete radar technology is also a great way to precisely locate reinforcing steel or conduits prior to saw cutting. GPRS of New Mexico can even locate private utilities using soil sonar providing extremely accurate results. If you would like to learn more about GPRS and our services contact your local representative at or 505-250-6742 and ask about our lunch and learn presentations.










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