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Private Underground Void Detection
- Roswell, New Mexico

Private Underground Void Detection - Roswell, New MexicoHeavy machinery, commonly found in industrial buildings and ware houses, can create large amounts of vibration that can lead to the development of voids below the slab on grade. This is why Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Albuquerque regularly visits business to check the slab on grade for voids. Recently in Roswell, NM we scanned a local cheese factory to locate any voids below the slab on grade so a plan could be developed on how to fix the issue. The radar office in Albuquerque was able to map the parameters of the voids and provide a report for our customer so they can develop the best cost effective plan to repair the damage.

Concrete imaging can penetrate up to 22” of concrete which allows our trained and certified technicians locate voids well below the bottom of the concrete slab. The concrete penetrating technology GPRS of New Mexico uses doesn’t emit any harmful radiation allowing us to investigate concrete during normal business hours in an active factory. Several companies in the New Mexico area contract Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of New Mexico to inspect their facilities for voids on a regular basis to ensure no new voids are emerging. If you suspect that your facility may have voids below the slab i.e. cracking concrete or hollow sounds as it’s driven over, contact your local representative today at 505-250-6742 or to set up an investigation. GPRS Inc. has offices throughout the rocky mountain area in Denver CO, Salt Lake City UT, Boise ID and Helena MT.

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