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Post Tension Cable Locate At UNM - Albuquerque, New MexicoPost Tension Cable Locate At UNM
- Albuquerque, New Mexico

Post/Pre tensioned cables are one of the most dangerous items to sever on a job site, because of the amount of potential energy stored in the cables. When the cable is severed it can rip through the concrete causing damage to the structure and anyone nearby. This is why Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of New Mexico was called to the UNM to ensure such a disaster does not occur. The technician on site was able to map all the cables in the area with great accuracy so they could be avoided during the core drilling process.

Concrete scanning is the best way to locate post tensioned cables in concrete on an active site, because the concrete sonar equipment doesn’t emit any radiation. This means that GPRS of Albuquerque can scan during normal times of business. This saves our customers from having to spend the time and money to keep a facility open at night like you would for traditional x-ray. Concrete imaging can also be completed much faster than x-ray since it operates on a live feed system. This means that the dangers are mapped as they are located, no more waiting for film development. If you would like to know more about GPRS’s services contact you local representative at 505-250-6742 or We can also provide services in Denver CO, Kansas City MO, Salt Lake City UT and Boise ID.

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