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Hollow Core Concrete Scanning - Santa Fe, NM

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of New Mexico assisted on a project at a nursing home that required core penetrations through the concrete slab. The technician on site was able to scan for hollow areas in the hollow core concrete to minimize the cutting time. The cores were placed over the hollow areas to expedite the core cutting procedure while avoiding any dangers in the concrete. Concrete imaging was used because the facility was active with patients and concrete radar doesn’t emit any harmful rays.

Hollow Core Concrete Identification And Mapping - Santa Fe, New MexicoNondestructive testing such as concrete sonar is being required on more and more facilities nationwide because of its reliability and accuracy. Concrete imaging is 100% safe because it doesn’t emit any radiation. GPR technology is safer, faster and more accurate than x-ray and GPRS of New Mexico’s technicians are all trained and certified to operate this equipment. If you would like more information about Ground Penetrating Radar Systems and our services contact your local representative today to set up a lunch and learn meeting at 505-250-6742 or We also have offices in Denver CO, Kansas City MO, Salt Lake City UT and Boise ID.

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