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Conduit Locate Prior To Saw Cutting - Artesia, New MexicoConduit Locate Prior To Saw Cutting
- Artesia, New Mexico

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Albuquerque recently mobilized to a CenturyLink Building in Artesia, NM to locate conduits prior to saw cutting. The customer needed to cut a hole in the slab to install a new server in the CenturyLink building and needed to have any conduits mapped on the surface of the slab before they cut the concrete. By using GPRS of New Mexico’s latest concrete imaging technology they can ensure that no conduits will be severed during the process. Not only does this prevent unnecessarily shutting down the facility it also keeps CenturyLink a satisfied customer.

Radar scanning is an excellent way to find dangers in the slab because it doesn’t interfere with any communication frequencies and is completely safe. Nondestructive testing performed by GPRS of New Mexico is always done timely and accurately because GPRS of Albuquerque keeps its equipment updated with the latest software. Every technician that operates the sonar imagers has completed a vigorous training regimen and is very experienced. If you would like to schedule a Radar investigation such as this one contact your local representative at or 505-250-6742. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems also has offices in Omaha NE, Denver Co and Salt Lake City UT.

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