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Concrete Sonar to Locate Ground Rods
- Rio Rancho, NM

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of New Mexico recently mobilized to Rio Rancho to inspect light posts for the new medical facility. The light posts needed to be inspected to confirm they were installed with ground rods. GPRS of Albuquerque were able to use their concrete imaging technology to precisely map and confirm the ground rods were in the concrete. The technician on site was able to quickly mobilize to the job site and scan all 16 lamp post in under four hours, which saved the contractor time and money.

Concrete Sonar to Locate Ground Rods - Rio Rancho, NM 1

Reinforcement locating technology is much more effective than its traditional x-ray counterpart because of its ability to scan oddly shaped concrete. Concrete sonar also only needs access to one side of the slab and doesn’t emit any harmful radiation, making it the preferred choice among contractors. Ground imaging technology is also used to locate private utilities with great accuracy. GPRS of New Mexico uses ground radar and radio detection to locate utilities, providing our customers with the most comprehensive survey available on the market. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Albuquerque uses only the latest and best GPR and radio detection technology available. If you would like to learn more about soil and concrete imaging contact your local representative today at or 505-250-6742. GPRS of Albuquerque also provides lunch and learn presentations to educate the public about GPR and its abilities. GPRS of New Mexico can provide services like this one anywhere in the state of New Mexico especially: Roswell, Alamogordo, Farmington and Clovis.

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