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Cemetery Locate – Bernalillo, New Mexico

Many old cemeteries have poor records of where people are buried, so Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Inc. is hired to determine where the deceased are located. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Albuquerque recently visited a cemetery in Bernalillo to locate graves in an old cemetery. The information provided by the technician on site allowed the cemetery coordinators know exactly which graves were open and which were occupied, so they could update the records. The technician on site was also able to locate any anomalies in the area that should be avoided during the excavating process.

Cemetery Locate – Bernalillo, New Mexico

Soil scanning technology allows GPRS of New Mexico to generate data regarding what is below the surface for interpretation by the technician. The technician then maps the findings on the surface of the soil for the customer. Geophysical technology such as radar has been recently been adapted for construction applications to located utilities, voids, graves or any other dangers below the surface of the soil. For more information about ground radar and the services GPRS of Albuquerque provides contact your local representative at or 505-250-6742. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of New Mexico can provide lunch and learn presentations at your office! GPRS of Albuquerque can perform radar services anywhere in New Mexico we recently have mobilized to: Clovis, Roswell, Farmington and Los Alamos.





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