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CMU Wall Investigation At Intel
- Rio Ranch, New Mexico

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Albuquerque recently mobilized to the Intel facility in Rio Rancho to investigate a CMU wall for reinforcing steel. The technician on site was able to can several anchoring locations and precisely map any reinforcing steel so it could be avoided during the concrete drilling process. This service allows for the structural integrity of Intel’s CMU wall to stay intact and eliminates unnecessary shutdowns due to severed conduits. By requiring GPR on the facility Intel avoids spending millions of dollars to fix unnecessary mistakes such as severed utilities and cut conduits every year.

CMU Wall Investigation At Intel - Rio Ranch, New Mexico

Nondestructive concrete x-ray is the best way to accurately and effectively map any dangers below the surface. Concrete scanning is an extremely fast service that saves our customers on the cost of slow traditional x-ray service. Generally speaking concrete penetrating sonar can scan 30 core drilling locations in a single day! If you have a facility or project that has several concrete penetrations then you need GPRS of Albuquerque to clear the area first. You can contact your local representative at or 505-250-6742 so schedule an appointment. GPRS Inc. also has offices all over the mountainous western USA in Denver CO, Salt Lake City, UT, Boise ID and Helena MT.

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