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Non-Destructive Concrete Scan
in Las Cruces, New Mexico

When the Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility needed to core a hole through a concrete slab without striking conduits, GPRS was called to the site. GPRS mobilized from Albuquerque to provide the GPR service in a short amount of time.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. mobilized to the New Mexico prison and was able to mark out the locations of the conduits within the concrete. The conduits were marked on the surface of the concrete very quickly and the location of the structural concrete beam was marked as well. GPR or Concrete Imaging is quickly being used as “The New Way to X-Ray” in New Mexico, Kansas and Nebraska. 

GPRS tech scans concrete to locate conduits

 In the image above the technician is verifying the location of the conduits.

If you would like to locate what is inside a concrete slab please contact Jason Schaff of GPRS New Mexico. We can locate conduits in a suspended slab as well as slab on grade, verify Rebar placement and depth, Wire Mesh placement and concrete cover, and Post-Tension investigations as well.  Concrete Imaging can be provided in Albuquerque, Farmington, Raton, El Paso, Santa Fe and Trinidad, Colorado.



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