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Albuquerque Retailer uses GPRS
to Provide Concrete Imaging

Concrete Imaging was required near Albuquerque, New Mexico in order to determine the whereabouts of conduits and refrigeration lines before saw-cutting began. The store involved needed to install new coolers and freezers which required new electrical and refrigeration lines to be put in the floor. The install of those lines are what concerned the store. Any power outage or loss of coolant due to saw cutting through an existing conduit was unacceptable due to the store being open 24 hours a day.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. mobilized to the New Mexico site and was able to quickly mark out the locations of the conduits within the concrete. The conduits were marked on the surface of the concrete so that the technician operating the saw would know where not to cut. GPR or Ground Sonar is becoming to be more widely used as “The New Way to X-Ray” in New Mexico, Idaho and Utah.

If you would like to locate what is inside or under a concrete slab on grade please contact Regional Director, Jason Schaff of GPRS New Mexico. Ground Penetrating Radar Technology is able to map out sub-surface voids under concrete, find conduits in a suspended slab as well as slab on grade, verify Rebar placement and depth, Wire Mesh placement and concrete cover, and Post-Tension investigations as well. 

In the picture above shows the conduits marked out on the surface as well as a clean out located under the tile.


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